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What is the origin of an ordinary roulette ball

One who once visited a casino and played roulette could notice that the croupier periodically changes balls during the game, manipulates the small for a while, then the big one and vice versa.

Why is he doing this? So do the rules of the casino require to increase revenues? Or is it the caprice of a croupier or a tribute to traditions? In fact, play with a small ball or a large one is chosen by visitors. Only here on the results of the game, this has no effect, just a ball of different diameter and weight, and accordingly the mass, only at different speeds rotates on the wheel. But players are inherently superstitious people, therefore each ball has its own specific meaning, which is why different signs and beliefs arose. 

Someone believes that luck brings him a small ball, someone believes in the happiness of the big one. In accordance with their personal preferences, they choose their "own" ball. Asking casinos about the meaning of having two balls in roulette is useless. They consider this question rhetorical. This is tantamount to trying to answer why people need a game. In the online casino the question of the double ball roulette casino game disappears by itself since all the objects involved in the game are intangible, moreover, the whole process is controlled by a random number generator, so there is no difference what size, weight and diameter the ball is. 

Most likely, a ground roulette with two balls is an ordinary tradition that has no hidden intentions and intentions. And by the way, not all casinos change the ball, many croupiers do not do it to avoid accusing the public of fraud in favour of a gambling establishment. 

In the old days, ivory balls were used to make roulette balls, today, when the chemical industry is at the peak of development, and elephants need to be protected so that their appearance does not disappear at all, they are made of high-strength and non-metallic materials. In addition, the plastic is not magnetized and not electrified, and therefore it is impossible to apply to the ball various tricks with magnets. 

If you collect all the answers about the meaning of using two balls in a roulette wheel, you can distinguish three main variants from them. The first variant of the answer two balls are needed for superstitious players, the second if they are different, then they have different properties, accordingly, they have different effects on the win. And the third option, two balls it's just a good tradition.

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  • What is the origin of an ordinary roulette ball

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