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Winter Preparations for Your Vehicle

The cooler weather can be harmful to your vehicle if left out in the cold. To have all the insight the list below of winter preparations for your vehicle will give you the knowledge to make your vehicle winter ready.

  • If you are keeping your vehicle outside take extra precautions to protect from harmful weather and rodents. Place mouth balls or traps around the car to create a barrier. Indoor storing is the easiest and hassle free option for the winter.
  • Whether storing indoors or out detail the car. Take the time to clean every spot of the vehicle including under the hood and wheels. These are areas of concern for rust growth if not treated for the winter.
  • Add a box of deodorizer in the cabin of the car to maintain a fresh scent and absorb any stale smells that are amplified in the storage.
  • Disengage the parking brake so it does not stick or seize up. Move your vehicle to a flat location and use blocks to prevent the wheels from rolling or keep the car off the ground.
  • Insurance will act as your safety net for those days you do not see your car. Have peace of mind knowing you are taken care of in case of a disaster.
  • Make sure there are no ripped lines and the fluids are filled to the brim. Leaving any room the tanks can make the perfect storm for corrosion.
  • Use a cover made from breathable natural material that will keep the paint and upholstery fresh and protected.
  • Lastly, have a licensed mechanic give it one last look to help catch any areas not cared for. The mechanic can pin point any maintenance in need of work while the vehicle is out of commission.

Use these easy winter preparations for your vehicle this coming winter. Stop by and talk with us about your storage options.

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